Reporting Blocked Drains

Reporting Blocked Drains

4th of July, 2024

The Love Clean Streets app should be used to report issues to Lancashire Country Council.

These issues include but are not limited to; potholes, flooding/blocked drains, Public Rights of Way issues, damage to bus shelters, obstructions, signs, streetlights, traffic lights, vegetation and trees.

Please don't assume that an issue has been reported by someone else. We can all help to get Catterall's highway issues sorted by reporting problems when we see them. The more reports Lancashire County Council received on issues the more likely they are to receive attention.

The app is easy to use and it is quick to file a report that gives the precise location of the problem and to upload supporting photographs.

? Download the 'Love Clean Streets' mobile app to report issues on the go.

More details can be found here