The Parish Council are represented on the following outside bodies:

  • Kirkland Memorial Hall
  • Kirkland and Catterall St. Helen's C of E Primary School
  • School House Trust
  • Wyre Area Road Safety Committee
  • Wyre Area Lancashire Association of Local Councils

Lancashire County Council's responsibilities include:

  • Highways including roads, footpaths, pavements, alleyways, street lighting and the cutting of grass verges
  • Education including schools and adult education
  • Social services including the provision of care homes
  • Waste sites

Parish Councils have a Parish Charter with Lancashire County Council

Wyre Council's responsibilities include:

  • Housing
  • Planning application decisions
  • Rubbish collection from premises in the Parish, provision of recycling facilities
  • Street cleansing
  • Environmental health
  • Provision of leisure and sports facilities and recreation grounds
  • Collection of Council Tax on behalf of all three tiers of local government
  • Licensing of taxis

Wyre Parish Councils have a Parish Charter with Wyre Council